Camaraderie at the Fore

The Oxford English Dictionary defines Camaraderie as ‘the mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together’.

That is exactly what our community at Beauty of Exercise (BEXI) is all about. We support each other through the lo’s, celebrate the hi’s… or just have a good laugh with each other.  

A perfect example was at our interval training session earlier in the week. We had three groups training together – 1) Run-FIT; 2) Race-FIT half-marathoners; and  3) Race-FIT marathoners. It was a very tough session – 2km | 1.5km | 1km | 800m – all at fast tempo paces. The final 800m rep was intended for the marathon group only.  The other two groups were gloating that they had finished and didn’t have to do another rep… until they noticed their ‘buddies’ getting ready for the last rep. Not wanting to leave them unsupported, they jumped up and rallied around them for their final 800m rep.

This truly highlighted what an awesome Beauty of Exercise community we have fostered over the past 3yrs. One which is filled with a great sense of camaraderie, team support, motivation and inspiration. Our BEXI community are always there for each other – if someone needs a buddy to run with, we are there to support them. If someone is having a bad day, we are there to lift them up. If someone  is lacking motivation, we are there to inspire them. The true spirit of our BEXI community. That’s what makes us so special. That’s what we love so much!

Debbie Solms

Debbie Solms is an accredited Personal Trainer, Run Coach and founder of Beauty of Exercise – an inspiring women’s running group on Sydney’s Northern Beaches


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