2018 Special Package Offer

There has been an amazing energy within our community about the start of the new year with everyone wanting to commit to our programs for 2018!  (We have been incredibly humbled by the level of interest.)

Many have asked for the most cost-effective method for commiting to multiple programs – i.e. running, triathlon, strength, yoga, etc. Our key motivation with offering these programs is to support you on your journey and to make these programs accessible and affordable.

Last week we announced a special discount tier for those wishing to subscribe to 2-3 programs. Today, we would like to offer you a further super-special option for those wishing to subscribe to more than 3 programs:

 1 x Program – as listed
 2 x Programs – second program less 20%
 3 x Programs – third program less 30%
 3+ Programs – Unlimited 2 Term Package – $850 ($170pm x 5)

Our Unlimited 2 Term package runs across 2 x terms and is INCLUSIVE of ALL the programs that are being offered – Race-FIT, Tri-FIT, Strength-FIT, Yoga-FIT, Swim-FIT, etc.

This is by far the most economical package that offers access to over 4+ group coached sessions per week. We truly feel this is an awesome offer, as you will have access to a structured and progressive training program, plus face-to-face access to high calibre coaches who will support your goals. This special package will apply to this period only – be sure to take advantage!