BEXI Achievers 2017

At the end of each year, we get together to celebrate the successes of our BEXI athletes. It’s a time to reflect on all the events that we’ve taken part over the year and toast those who have worked hard to achieve their goals.  2017 was a busy year – so at the outset, I’d like to congratulate every BEXI member for stepping out of your comfort zones and committing to some pretty amazing goals.

Huge congrats to our our top 2017 achievers:


  • Most Improved BEXI Athlete 2017 – Ann Velthuis

This very shy, quiet young lady, joined our BEXI team in 2016. She had a few niggles she was working on, but she turned up every week for every session. Her speed improved, her fitness improved, her confidence improved… and all of a sudden she was taking on the Level 2 training with the other girls. Huge congrats to Ann Velthuis for her tenacity to keep trying. You are a true inspiration Ann.

  • Most Determined BEXI Athlete 2017 – Roslyn Meyer

Without a doubt, this lady is truly deserving of this award. Her commitment and drive to focus on her goal was outstanding. She set her heart and soul on her New York marathon and made many sacrifices along the way. She never missed a training session, she was always motivated, she trained hard and she inspired so many around her. Roslyn Meyer you were 100% determined to achieve your first marathon goal – it was an honour to support you on the sidelines. Well done!

  • Most Inspirational BEXI Athlete 2017 – Sue Naylor

This BEXI athlete has absolutely blossomed this year. She started off with a half-marathon this year. Feeling a little deflated, she decided to focus on shorter distances for a while — that was until she was talked into trying a triathlon. Thinking it was a good idea, she bought a hybrid bike… and the rest, as they say, is history.  Huge congrats to Sue Naylor, for absolutely embracing her new-found passion of triathlon and being so completely focused and committed. Sue has truly flourished right before our eyes. Well done Sue!

  • Most Outstanding BEXI Athlete 2017 – Vicky Dawkins

This BEXI Athlete’s list of achievements is vast! She never stops. It is exhausting just reading the list of all the activities she has done this year. Suffice to say, this lady is determined to achieve. She continually pushes herself out of her comfort zone, never quits – even when the going gets tough. Is supportive of her BEXI buddies around her – and often inspires them to join the journey with her. Outstanding effort Vicky Dawkins.

BEXI Ambassador 2018 – Kaye Chan

Each year we recognise a very special BEXI athlete who lives and breathes our BEXI values.  She supports other members, inspires those around her, motivates others to achieve their goals, leads by example, lives a balanced life, is a great community-player. Not only is this person committed to developing herself, she is also committed to helping others and their communities.

This particular person often sacrifices her training to support others. She will willingly volunteer to support others, often making plans to meet up and train together. She will gladly put her hand up to lead our 5km runners, to co-ordinate training programs, to manage logistics for various programs… and so much more.

This special lady is selfless and absolutely thrives on supporting others. We are indeed very privileged to have this person as a very key member of our community. Congratulations to Kaye Chan on being our BEXI Ambassador for 2018.

Special mention goes to some key BEXI community members for working hard to fulfill their personal dreams:

  • Canberra Marathon – Louise Grigg and Dee Fitzgerald
  • Diamond Women’s Triathlon – Kate Marshall
  • Ironman 70.3 Cairns – Michelle Nicholas
  • Gold Coast Marathon – Hannetjie Brooks
  • Gold Coast 10km – Nicole Woolley
  • Blackmores Sydney Half-Marathon – Kasey McKee
  • Long Course Weekend Triathlon – Vicky Dawkins
  • New York Marathon – Roslyn Meyer and Hannetjie Brooks
  • Ironman 70.3 Western Sydney – Kaye Chan
  • Most BEXI Medals and Best BEXI Cheerleaders – Keiren Barham & Sue Naylor
  • Best BEXI Refreshments Supporter – Plezi Brennan

Congratulations on an absolutely outstanding 2017 – feeling very excited about 2018. We have a huge calendar of events for 2018 – can’t wait to get going.


Ironman 70.3 Western Sydney – 26 Nov 2017

Have you completed a short-course triathlon? Are you ready to rise to the challenge of a middle-course triathlon? Ironman 70.3 Western Sydney offers an awesome setting in the iconic Penrith Lakes, nestled at the base of the stunning Blue Mountains.  

The 1.9km swim takes place in the International Regatta Centre; the 90km bike course includes breathtaking views of the Blue Mountains; and the 21km flat, scenic run course takes in Penrith’s Nepean River along the Great River Walk. A great location for your first half-ironman.

Training Program

Our 16-week training program is limited to 10 x athletes. Weekly training consists of 3 x coached group sessions* and 3 x individual training sessions. Your training plan will be sent to you each week via Training Peaks – this will include 6 x training sessions.  Each training plan is tailored to fit into your lifestyle – our aim is to balance your training sessions with your day-to-day commitments. (We understand how busy life is.)

Our coaches are qualified across the sport of triathlon, running, cycling and swimming. Each coach has unique experience in competing in triathlons (across various distances), as well as taking part in the ITU Age-Group World Championships.

(*varies across the weeks)

Weekly Training Timetable (Mon to Sun)

(best viewed on desktop/laptop)

Individual Training 6:00-7:00am,
Individual Training Individual Training 7:00-9:00am,
Terry Hills
Shelly Beach
Strength Training* Run
Bike Turbo
Swim Squad Run Bike Outdoor
Open Water
Strength training focusing on strengthening muscles and joints, to help improve performance and decrease injury risk.
(*Additional cost.)
Coached run session focusing on speed & strength. Coached indoor bike turbo session focusing on speed, strength & stamina. Will also include some brick sessions later in the program. Individual swim session with your local swim squad. Individual run session focusing on distance & endurance. Alternating coached & social sessions:

8 x coached outdoor bike sessions focusing on skills, confidence &  endurance

8 x social rides focusing on disance & endurance.

Mixture of coached & social sessions:

4 x coached open water swim session focusing on skills, confidence & endurance.

12 x social swims focusing on disance & endurance.

(tentative timetable)

MOTIVATION: Read our top ‘7-Reasons to Love IRONMAN 70.3’

What is included?
  • 16-week online training program
  • 16 x coached indoor bike turbo sessions (studio)
  • 16 x coached outdoor run sessions
  • 8 x outdoor bike sessions
  • 6 x open water swim sessions
  • Mental skills and strategies
  • Race nutrition and recovery
  • Race tactics and guidance
  • Analysis and feedback on training data
  • Race weekend logistics
  • Motivational support
  • Access to private online forum
  • Membership of a supportive, like-minded Community
What is excluded?
What is cost?
  • 16-week online program
  • 46 x coached sessions
  • $45 p/week across 16-weeks – payable in 4 x $180 monthly instalments (total $720)

Meet our awesome coaches

Read how BEXI Triathlete, Michelle Nicholas, fulfilled her dream of completing IRONMAN 70.3 Cairns 2017:

I had dreamt and visualised that finish shoot for one year – it finally came true. The journey from start to finish was worth every sacrifice. I was an Ironman 70.3!”


Rise to the challenge of Ironman 70.3 – join our BEXI Tri-FIT team

If you are not ready for the Ironman 70.3 distance, then why not join as a team – or join our Long Course Weekend program?

Ironman 70.3 Cairns – My Journey

On Sunday 11 June 2017, BEXI triathlete Michelle Nicholas became an Ironman 70.3. This is her inspirational story:

It is simply the best experience! The training, the inspirational buddies, the journey of ups and downs and the most incredible feeling of crossing the finish line. It takes you to another level!

I wanted to do an Ironman for around 20 years. When my eldest, Gemma, completed the Coolangatta Gold at 16yrs-old, I felt inspired to get fit and focus on myself again.

I signed up for Beauty of Exercise’s beginner triathlon program last year (2016) and completed my first sprint triathlon. After that I was hooked and started dreaming of completing an Ironman 70.3.  I signed-up a year out and starting surrounding myself with the right people. My coach, Debbie Solms, was fully on-board and excited for me. My BEXI buddies were amazing – even though they weren’t doing the event, they still committed to train with me.

I truly didn’t think I was capable and leading up to Cairns I was very nervous and worried that I would let myself down and my BEXI buddies down if I didn’t make it.

The weekend was awesome! My gorgeous BEXI buddy and lovely friend Monique, travelled to Cairns to support me.  The day before the race we went to the swim/bike transition and sat in a beautiful restaurant in Palm Cove enjoying a healthy meal, looking out at the swim course and feeling mentally prepared. Monique was a calming presence who kept my mind off the race and we spent the afternoon laughing lots. I loved that day.

Race day I got up at 3.15am, my bus to the swim start was 4am. Preparing for a full day on the course, I rubbed sunscreen on my body… only to realise that my race number tattoos were never go to stick. Lucky for permanent markers!

A few friends came to find me at the start to wish me good luck. I felt special that they’d woken early and made the effort to see me. The swim was fantastic, dark and murky in the water, but with the rolling start I didn’t feel like I was fighting my way through the crowd. I had a great rhythm from the start and I never once thought anything negative.

I couldn’t believe I was actually doing this and I was really loving it.

I started the bike with the biggest smile on my face. The hills were longer and harder than I had imagined but I took it in my stride and did my best. Turning around at Port Douglas was a highlight, as I realised I made the cut-off time!  This enabled me to enjoy my race.
Shortly after disaster struck!  My gears jammed and I was restricted to using the small chain ring for the rest of the ride.  I was slow but I was never going to give up!  I finished the ride in under 4hours which I quietly wanted to do (but didn’t think I was capable of). Monique was waiting for me at the bike finish which gave me a good chance to have a giggle and a quick chat.
I set off on the run and my legs felt like lead weights for the first 5km.  The crowd along the run course were so very supportive and yelled my name like I was their best friend, it was a great pick me up when I needed it.  The run isn’t my strong leg, I was negative towards myself and didn’t like that I was so very slow – but I finished (finally) and the elation of the finish shoot was worth every single slow step. It was worth every sacrifice I had to make in training for this event.
That finish shoot I had dreamed and visualised for one year, finally came true. The journey from start to finish was worth every sacrifice. I was an Ironman 70.3! 
Photo credit: Delly Carr

If you would like to take on the IM70.3 challenge or mix it up, then join our BEXI team as we train for IRONMAN70.3 Western Sydney and the Long Course Weekend.