To achieve or not?

I love reading biographies of successful people. How they start with humble beginnings and then go on to achieve great success.

Take Chris Froome for example – winner of the recent Tour de France. Born in humble Kenya, spending his youth riding through townships, past wild animals, until winning his first race that his mum entered him. His book, ‘The Climb’, is an exceptional read and highly recommended!

The key point I want to make is that we all start from modest beginnings. We then discover a passion and go on to pursue our passion.

In the case of Chris Froome, he had a burning hunger to pursue his passion for cycling. He trained incredibly hard physically – but what propelled him to the next level was his mental strength.

Understanding how to stay focused, overcoming our fears, managing our anxieties, removing our self-limiting beliefs, developing our self-confidence, maintaining our self-motivation, the list goes on….

Beauty of Exercise is very passionate about supporting you in pursuing your passion and achieving your own success. Over the past 5-years we have focused purely on the physical-side of training our athletes. We have dabbled in the mental-side of training, but have not really hit the mark.

Which is why we are super-excited about teaming up with SportsSupports to deliver our ‘Mental Preparation for Athletes’ program. Grant Giles and Christie Sym have successfully coached a number of athletes over the years, many of whom have gone on to achieve great feats (& podiums).

Grant and Christie will be hosting our 6-week online webinar program, starting Thurs 11 August at 8pm.  If you’re wanting to address your fears and progress your passion to the next level, this webinar is a must!

More information and to register.