Port Stephens Triathlon – 19 May 2018

Port Stephens triathlon offers athletes a fun weekend with distances for all abilities – Standard, Sprint and Super-Sprint (Enticer). It’s an awesome event, in a beautiful part of the world. And also makes for a great get-away with the entire family!

Whether you’re a seasoned triathlete or just starting out, this event has something for everyone. The standard distance for those looking for a challenge; the sprint distance for those into speed; or the super-sprint distance for those new to the sport of triathlon. The swim takes place on the idyllic One Mile Beach, the bike consists of undulating laps in the local area and the run offers a supportive atmosphere with lots of cheering.

Training Program

Our 12-week training program is limited to 12 x athletes. Weekly training consists of 3 x coached group sessions* and 3 x individual training sessions. Your training plan will be sent to you each week via Training Peaks – this will include 6 x training sessions.  Each training plan is tailored to fit into your lifestyle – our aim is to balance your training sessions with your day-to-day commitments. We understand how busy life is.  (* varies across each week)

Our coaches are qualified across the sport of triathlon – swim, bike and run. Each coach has unique experience in competing in triathlons (across various distances), as well as taking part in the ITU Age-Group World Championships.

Weekly Training Timetable (Mon to Sun)

(best viewed on desktop/laptop)

Individual Training 6:00-7:00am,
Individual Training Individual Training 7:00-9:00am,
Terry Hills
Shelly Beach
Strength Training* Run  Bike Turbo Swim Squad Run Bike Outdoor Open Water
Our Strength-FIT program focuses on strengthening muscles and joints to help improve performance and decrease injury risk.
(*Additional cost at discounted rate.)
Coached run session focusing on speed & strength. Coached indoor bike turbo session focusing on speed, strength & stamina. Will also include some brick sessions later in the program. Individual swim session with your local swim squad. Individual run session focusing on distance & endurance. Alternating coached & social sessions:

6 x coached outdoor bike sessions focusing on skills, confidence &  endurance

6 x social rides focusing on disance & endurance.

Mixture of coached & social sessions:

6 x coached open water swim session focusing on skills, confidence & endurance.

6 x social swims focusing on disance & endurance.

What is included?

Port Stephens Beach

  • 12-week online training program
  • 12 x coached indoor bike turbo sessions (studio)
  • 12 x coached outdoor run sessions
  • 6 x outdoor bike sessions
  • 6 x open water swim sessions
  • Mental skills and strategies
  • Race nutrition and recovery
  • Race tactics and guidance
  • Analysis and feedback on training data
  • Race weekend logistics
  • Motivational support
  • Access to private online forum
  • Membership of a supportive, like-minded Community
What is excluded?
  • Strength training – you are encouraged to join our Strength-FIT program (discounted rate)
  • Pool swim squad training – you are encouraged to join your own local swim squad
  • Social outdoor swim sessions – you are encouraged to join Shelly Swim Club for a weekly outdoor swim
  • Social bike rides – you are encouraged to join Northern Suburbs Triathlon Club (NSTC) on Sat 6.30am
  • Race entry fee
  • BEXI Tri-Suit (optional) – orders must be placed by Fri 16 Mar 2018
What is cost?
  • 12-week online program
  • 36 x coached sessions
  • $48 p/week across 12-weeks – payable in 3 x $195 monthly instalments (total $585)

“Fantastic coaches. Loved the mix & variety of sessions. Each coach was able to add their skills & expertise. It was awesome having Carm speak at the Manly practice session – I had no idea how important his comments would be to my completion of the 70.3. The inclusion of a nutrition talk & bike mechanics were also great.”  (Survey 2017)


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Diamond Women’s Active Triathlon Festival – Sat 13 May 2017

We’re all about encouraging fun and participation in the sport of triathlon. Join our BEXI team where the atmosphere is a celebration of taking on a personal challenge, focusing on participation not competition!

Training Philosophy

Our 12-week training plans are built around six key features:

Balance – equal number of workouts in all three disciplines so that you get stronger in each discipline and weaker in none
Variation – diversity of workout types, which will enable you to get fitter faster by challenging your body in a variety of different ways
Three Phases – base phase (moderate intensity); build phase (high-intensity) and peak phase (race-specific)
Step Cycles – four week blocks in which each week is incrementally more challenging – every fourth week is a recovery week
Rest Day – incorporates one scheduled rest day per week
Simulation Race –  provides valuable experience in areas of transition, race nutrition and dealing with race discomfort
Training Program

Our programs are provided via Training Peaks – this allows us to provide individual plans that are built around your lifestyle. You will be able to log your workouts and analyse your performance data as you complete each session. We can then analyse your training data and progress your training accordingly. Our aim is to progress you gradually, so that you train safely and without injury.

Training sessions will consist of 3 x coached group sessions per week* and 3 x individual training sessions:


Dee Why




Dee Why


Dee Why


Terry Hills


Bike Turbo*
(Mon or Weds)
Run* Rest Day Swim* Own Run Own Bike  Own Swim
 Rest Day Bike Turbo*
(Mon or Weds)
Bike Outdoor*
(4 x coached sessions during the 12-week program)

“I loved the team spirit – training and competing together! I now have the bug to do better and take on further distances.”  Michelle Nicholas 

What is included?
  • 12-week training program delivered on Training Peaks
  • 3 x face-to-face coached group sessions per week, across the 12-weeks (swim, bike and run)
  • 4 x outdoor bike/brick/simulation sessions – to develop bike skills and confidence on the road
  • Analysis and feedback on training data
  • Mental skills and strategies
  • Race nutrition and recovery
  • Race tactics and guidance
  • Race weekend logistics
  • Motivational support
  • Access to private online forum
  • Membership of a supportive, like-minded Community
What is excluded?
  • Race entry fee
  • BEXI Tri-Suit (optional) – orders must be placed by 18 Feb 2017
What equipment do I require | all your FAQs?

Click here for the list of detailed requirements and FAQs

What is cost?
  • 12-week program, includes 40 x coached sessions – only $520 
  • Total cost can be split into monthly instalments (3 x $178/pm)

“If someone told me that I would compete in a triathlon, I would have said they were dreaming.  Achieving the impossible is totally possible by believing and doing it.”  Monique Manse

Join our BEXI Team and take on an amazing challenge in 2017!

My Happy Blog!

Today I felt like writing a happy blog. Simply because I am filled with an immense amount of happiness based on what our BEXI team has achieved over the past few months. Also… because there’s a special something to celebrate.

Firstly, to share some of my happy-beans:

  • Our Tri-FIT team achieving their first sprint triathlon;
  • Our Race-FIT teams achieving their half-marathon and marathon goals in Canberra, Sydney & Great Ocean Road;
  • One very special team member who ‘quietly’ achieved her first half-marathon on her own;
  • Others for stepping out of their comfort zones to complete their first 5km parkrun, endurance trail run, and organised cycle ride;
  • Others for teaming up to support each other in ocean swims, bike rides and training runs.
I love how our BEXI community responds to every call that excites their spirit!

Secondly, a very important happy-bean that fills me with so much pride. Our community is made up of very special people and we want to celebrate these very special people. We have therefore introduced a special prize to recognise these people… and are pleased to announce our ‘BEXI Ambassador Award’. This award goes out to one truly exceptional member who lives and breathes our BEXI values. She|he goes beyond their call of duty to inspire, motivate and support others. Each year we will select one member, who will receive one full year’s free training with us.

We are therefore incredibly thrilled to announce of first BEXI Ambassador for 2016 (click to reveal). Huge congratulations to our very deserving BEXI member!

I’m totally honoured to have been a part of your successful achievements and look forward to sharing many more in the months ahead.

Best wishes,
Debbie x

What’s up next?


MS Walk & Fun Run – Sun 5 June


Team BEXI are committed to supporting our chosen charity, Multiple Sclerosis. We will be teaming up with our families and friends to take part in the 5km|10km walk or fun run on Sun 5 June.  We’d love you to join MS Fun Run Team – or if you can’t make it, please donate towards this very worthwhile charity.

Achieving the Impossible

Last Saturday our Tri-FIT team embarked on the final stage of their 12-week triathlon training journey – the Diamond Women’s Active Festival in Penrith.  The conditions were almost perfect – apart from the smokey air from the back-burning. Nervously the girls entered transition to set up their bikes… then it was race briefing… and next, the long walk to the swim start…

One of our team member’s captured the journey beautifully…

If someone would have told me I would compete in a triathlon a few years ago, I would have smiled and told them that they were dreaming. I guess I am in their dreams now, as I officially did my first Sprint Triathlon (750m swim, 20 km bike and 5km run) last Saturday, 7th May 2016.

It started 12 weeks ago as I wanted to learn to swim the real Ozzie freestyle, and enjoy running and cycling with a team. From learning to bubble in the ocean pool, to doing a few 50m laps in the early days, to doing 750m in the race, was a beautiful and challenging journey. Not to forget our interval training in the dark, early mornings – to conquering hills on the bike without understanding how the gears actually work (and I am Dutch!).

I had been hesitant to commit and register for the sprint distance, as I doubted my ability. But with the support from my amazing team mates and coaches who believed, inspired and motivated me – I was encouraged to sign up for the big one (the sprint), instead of the shorter option.

And yes everybody was right. It was more than possible and they were not dreaming – I was dreaming.  Achieving the impossible is just possible by just believing and doing it.

Plus keep on smiling!


Monique Manse
Sprint Triathlete
May 2016




Crib Sheet on which program to choose


We know it can be overwhelming deciding which is right program for you, so we’ve summarised a crib sheet below highlighting the benefits of each program. This will make choosing the right program a whole lot easier ✔



  • Our flagship learn-to-run program
  • Gentle, nurturing program
  • Gets you moving from walking to running
  • Teaches ‘how-to’ run techniques
  • Great for mental health


  • Achieve a goal/dream (21k | 42k | 60k)
  • Structured training program
  • Surrounded by like-minded friends
  • Teaches ‘how-to’ pursue a dream
  • Support every step of the way


  • Supports novice triathlete
  • Face-to-face coaching for all three disciplines
  • Structured training program
  • Teaches ‘how-to’ combine all three disciplines
  • Surrounded by like-minded friends


  • Better results in less time
  • Improves your ability to distribute oxygen to muscles
  • Makes you physically & mentally stronger
  • Teaches ‘how-to’ push through discomfort
  • Reduces injury


  • Improves overall body strength
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Valuable cross-training for running
  • Teaches ‘how-to’ condition body
  • Group training in a fun environment


  • Improves swim efficiency
  • Focuses on breathing under water
  • Corrects stroke rate & consistency
  • Teaches ‘how-to’ be confident in the open water
  • Support from a passionate coach


  • Restores calm to our busy lives
  • Helps reduce stress
  • Develops confidence
  • Teaches ‘how-to’ embrace a meditative state
  • Improves relationships with those we care about


  • Individual training plan for key goal
  • Training structured around personal needs
  • Flexibility to train on your own
  • Regular analysis and feedback from coach
  • Support for motivated community