3 Reasons to add YOGA to your Weekly Training Program

Nicole Grace completed the Florence Marathon in 2014 – she learnt many lessons along the way. Below is her story…

As a marathon runner I know how important a well-balanced training program needs to be. I have been guilty of over-training, under-recovering and not listening to the warning signs my body was giving me, to the detriment of my health. During the peak of my marathon training I was more concerned about pounding the pavement, interval training and climbing more hills. Replenishing, restoring and nourishing my body (and mind!) was never a priority. Sure, I used to stretch before and after runs and completed the ocassional strength and yoga class – but it wasn’t enough for a well-balanced programme.

Fast forward a few years later, with hindsight on my side and the knowledge I now have as a Yoga Teacher, I have no doubt that if I had included a weekly yoga practice into my training and integrated the tools of yoga into my life, not only would I have been a better athlete, I would still be running today.

Injuries and mental burnout inhibit the athlete’s ability to consistently train and progress. Athletes ranging from novice to elite (across all sporting disciplines) are turning to yoga to offset these challenges.

Below are 3 key reasons that support the benefits of yoga:

  • Physical Benefits
    Endurance athletes spend the majority of their time in the forward moving plane of movement. Runners and cyclists propel their bodies forward through recruitment of the hip flexors, quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and core. Swimmers propel their bodies forward through the repetitive movement of rotating the shoulders, utilizing the chest muscles, upper/mid back muscles, and the core. The repetitive nature of these sports (overusing some muscles while underusing others) put the body at risk for muscular imbalances, which could eventually result in injury and poor performance. Yoga restores balance and symmetry to the body, making it the perfect complement to runners and athletes.
  • Mental Benefits
    Endurance sports take an incredible amount of focus, persistence, patience, and adaptability. An athlete can be in the best shape of his or her life, but if on race day their head is not it, neither will their body be. The practice of yoga improves mental focus by utilising both the breath and the body as an anchor for the mind. The practitioner becomes more aware of their own thoughts as they improve their ability to be fully present with their body and breath. Yoga teaches the individual to stay calm, focus, and breathe with whatever shows up on their mat, and athletes can certainly take these skills with them into their sport when the going gets tough.
  • Improved Breathing
    Lung capacity is of prime importance for runners and endurance athletes because it creates the ability to maintain an even breathing pattern through all phases of running. The better the lung capacity, the more oxygen is circulated through the system, which is most helpful for running long and strong. However, the breathing pattern used in running and other forms of aerobic exercise involves quick and shallow inhalations and exhalations. This uses only the top portion of the lungs, leaving the middle and lower portions untouched. Yogic breathing involves slow, deep inhalations and long exhalations, making use of the upper, middle, and lower portions of the lungs. Yogic breathing has been shown to increase lung capacity, and greater lung capacity increases endurance and improves overall athletic performance.

Nicole Grace
Nicole is a Yoga Teacher at Holistic Movement Studio in Collaroy. She is passionate about working with runners and endurance athletes to create a balanced approach to their training.

Resources: Yoga for the Endurance Athlete (Sarah Oliver) | Yoga for Runners (Christine Felstaed)

➺ Click here for details of our 10-week Yoga-FIT program

Ironman 70.3 Western Sydney – 26 Nov 2017

Have you completed a short-course triathlon? Are you ready to rise to the challenge of a middle-course triathlon? Ironman 70.3 Western Sydney offers an awesome setting in the iconic Penrith Lakes, nestled at the base of the stunning Blue Mountains.  

The 1.9km swim takes place in the International Regatta Centre; the 90km bike course includes breathtaking views of the Blue Mountains; and the 21km flat, scenic run course takes in Penrith’s Nepean River along the Great River Walk. A great location for your first half-ironman.

Training Program

Our 16-week training program is limited to 10 x athletes. Weekly training consists of 3 x coached group sessions* and 3 x individual training sessions. Your training plan will be sent to you each week via Training Peaks – this will include 6 x training sessions.  Each training plan is tailored to fit into your lifestyle – our aim is to balance your training sessions with your day-to-day commitments. (We understand how busy life is.)

Our coaches are qualified across the sport of triathlon, running, cycling and swimming. Each coach has unique experience in competing in triathlons (across various distances), as well as taking part in the ITU Age-Group World Championships.

(*varies across the weeks)

Weekly Training Timetable (Mon to Sun)

(best viewed on desktop/laptop)

Individual Training 6:00-7:00am,
Individual Training Individual Training 7:00-9:00am,
Terry Hills
Shelly Beach
Strength Training* Run
Bike Turbo
Swim Squad Run Bike Outdoor
Open Water
Strength training focusing on strengthening muscles and joints, to help improve performance and decrease injury risk.
(*Additional cost.)
Coached run session focusing on speed & strength. Coached indoor bike turbo session focusing on speed, strength & stamina. Will also include some brick sessions later in the program. Individual swim session with your local swim squad. Individual run session focusing on distance & endurance. Alternating coached & social sessions:

8 x coached outdoor bike sessions focusing on skills, confidence &  endurance

8 x social rides focusing on disance & endurance.

Mixture of coached & social sessions:

4 x coached open water swim session focusing on skills, confidence & endurance.

12 x social swims focusing on disance & endurance.

(tentative timetable)

MOTIVATION: Read our top ‘7-Reasons to Love IRONMAN 70.3’

What is included?
  • 16-week online training program
  • 16 x coached indoor bike turbo sessions (studio)
  • 16 x coached outdoor run sessions
  • 8 x outdoor bike sessions
  • 6 x open water swim sessions
  • Mental skills and strategies
  • Race nutrition and recovery
  • Race tactics and guidance
  • Analysis and feedback on training data
  • Race weekend logistics
  • Motivational support
  • Access to private online forum
  • Membership of a supportive, like-minded Community
What is excluded?
What is cost?
  • 16-week online program
  • 46 x coached sessions
  • $45 p/week across 16-weeks – payable in 4 x $180 monthly instalments (total $720)

Meet our awesome coaches

Read how BEXI Triathlete, Michelle Nicholas, fulfilled her dream of completing IRONMAN 70.3 Cairns 2017:

I had dreamt and visualised that finish shoot for one year – it finally came true. The journey from start to finish was worth every sacrifice. I was an Ironman 70.3!”


Rise to the challenge of Ironman 70.3 – join our BEXI Tri-FIT team

If you are not ready for the Ironman 70.3 distance, then why not join as a team – or join our Long Course Weekend program?

’10km Self-Love’ Holistic Program

Our ’10km Self-Love’ Holistic Program is exciting on every level. It includes all of our passions – meditation, yoga, running, strength, pampering, reading, relaxing, sunshine, beach and best of all… spending quality time with amazing like-minded individuals.

What is self-love?

Self-love is that feeling of unconditional love, gratitude, happiness and a regard for one’s well-being:

  • It’s taking care of ourselves so that we feel healthy and beautiful
  • It’s words of affirmation and positive self-talk
  • It’s treating ourselves to something that we’ve always wanted
  • It’s giving ourselves permission to do the things we enjoy
  • It’s surrounding ourselves with people who inspire and encourage us

The relationship with ourself sets the tone for every other relationship we have 

What is our ’10km Self-Love’ Holistic Program?

It’s a 10-week program where we practice well-being, happiness and gratitude. We surround ourselves with a community of like-minded people and then meet three times weekly to enjoy a nourishing yoga practice; balanced strength training and mindful running.  Our program culminates with our ‘Self-Love’ Retreat in the Gold Coast – which includes a weekend of feeling healthy, happy and nourished.

When are the sessions?

Our 10-week program starts on Sat 29 April 2017. You get to choose 3-weekly sessions that suit your availability:

Day Session Time Activity Location Coach
Monday 9:30 – 10:30 Balanced Strength Active Lifestyle, Collaroy Renata Malinauskas
Tuesday 06:00 – 07:00 Mindful Running Jamieson Park, Narrabeen Debbie Solms
18:30 – 19:30 Balanced Strength Active Lifestyle, Collaroy Renata Malinauskas
19:35 – 20:45 Nourishing Yoga Active Lifestyle, Collaroy Nicole Grace
Wednesday 09:30 – 10:30 Balanced Strength Active Lifestyle, Collaroy Renata Malinauskas
18:30 – 19:30 Balanced Strength Active Lifestyle, Collaroy Renata Malinauskas
Thursday 06:00 – 07:00 Mindful Running Long Reef, Collaroy Debbie Solms
09:30 – 10:45 Nourishing Yoga Active Lifestyle, Collaroy Nicole Grace
18:30 – 19:30 Balanced Strength Active Lifestyle, Collaroy Renata Malinauskas
Friday 06:00 – 07:00 Balanced Strength Active Lifestyle, Collaroy Regan Wilson
Saturday 08:00 – 09:00 Mindful Running Jamieson Park, Narrabeen Debbie Solms
08:00 – 09:00 Balanced Strength Active Lifestyle, Collaroy Regan Wilson
>> click here for additional Strength & Yoga options (from 15 May 2017)    
What is included?
  • Choice of 3 x weekly meet-ups
    • Nourishing yoga practice – to stretch our body and open our minds
    • Balanced strength training – to improve our mobility, flexibility, balance, strength and core
    • Mindful running – to slow our minds and improve our health
  • ‘Self-Love’ Retreat at the Gold Coast (30 Jun – 2 July 2017)
    • 10km fun run (it’s all about fun and participation – leave your watches behind)
    • Nourishing Yoga
    • Guided Meditation
    • Refreshing Herbal Teas
    • Swim, Sauna & Steam
    • Foot Salt Scrub
    • Relaxation (bring a good book!)
  • Weekend program logistics (full program on Fri 30 Jun – Sun 2 July 2017)
  • Motivational support
  • Access to private online forum
  • Membership of a supportive, like-minded community

I am mine, before I am ever anyone else’s 

What is excluded?
  • 10km race entry fee (Gold Coast 10km on Sat 1 July 2017)
  • Travel, accommodation* and meals – to/from Gold Coast
  • Additional pamper treatments (massage, manicure, pedicture, etc.)
  • Eating out – wholefood cafe’s (yummy!)
  • BEXI technical race singlet
What is Investment?

The 10-week investment is $450 (or instalments – 3 x $155/pm) — program starts on Sat 29 April 2017.

NB: It is recommended that you book your flights as soon as possible to secure a good price (currently $200 return, as of end-March).
*We are currently holding a few gorgeous apartments in Surfers Paradise.

Our Gold Coast Marathon | Half-Marathon programs will also culminate in our weekend retreat.

♥  Make happiness your priority – register today! 

Programs to support your goals

Schools go back next week, which is a perfect reason to jump-for-joy.

Our daily routines are out of sync and we’re all desperate for some kind of normality to resume.

To help get things back on track and to support you in planning your goals for 2017, we’ve summarised our training programs on offer.  Each program is built on the foundation of our motto:

BEGIN WHERE YOU ARE. Use what you have. Do what you can. 

A gentle and supportive learn-to-run program – starts from a low fitness base and builds you up to running 5km.

Progressing from our learn-to-run program, our 5km-FITTER program builds on your speed, strength and endurance.

For those running 4-5km regularly, our Run-FIT program focuses on building muscular strength, speed and mindset.

If you’ve ever wanted to train for a half-marathon | marathon | ultra-marathon – we have an exciting 2017 race calendar.

Stepping up from single discipline to multi-discipline triathlete – we have triathlon programs for beginner and improver levels.

A gentle and supportive swim program aimed at beginners who are looking to build  confidence and technique in the open water.

Customised online training programs to support you train for a personal goal – from 10km | marathons | triathlons.

Look forward to supporting your health & fitness goals in 2017.

~ Debbie & the Beauty of Exercise Team x

Get Hatched or go Bad!

We’ve had a booming start to 2016 – and pretty soon our first term is going to be over. Boom, just like that! Which is why the topic of our blog is so timely.


“We cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg. We must be hatched or go bad.”


What does this mean?

In order to progress, we need to change.  We all love our day-to-day routines – wake up,cup of tea, breakfast, kids to school, head to work… etc. But if we all lived our lives following the same status quo… well, guess what?! We are going to get what we’ve always gotten – fact!

My story

Heading into 2016, my life was pretty hectic. Running a business, prioritising family, moving house (stress!), focusing on health/fitness… the list was endless. Whilst I was trying to advocate a balanced lifestyle… I was the one running ragged. My head was deep underground (or Facebook rather) and the important things in life were passing me by. I needed to take control and make some changes.

Affecting change

Change is hard! Especially when it comes to taking a step back from something that you have loved and nurtured for over 5yrs. Our BEXI community means the world to me – it is my second-family. I have forged some incredibly deep and meaningful friendships. But I knew that I needed to take a step back in order to progress forward.

Running is my passion – I live it, I breathe it, I love it!  This is going to be my main focus moving forward. Coaching beginner runners; athletes training for half-marathons/marathons/ultras; and writing on-line programs for those who have their own personal goals.

Triathlon is my other passion – there is something really special about this sport. I am going to be partnering with recognised coaches to coach beginner triathletes – Sarah Anne Evans & Sue Bennett. Building confidence across the three disciplines (swim, bike, run), progressing to sprint/olympic and eventually long course distances. We will also be writing on-line programs for those who have their own personal goals.

Strength & conditioning classes are the key change. These classes will be relocated to our partner, Active Lifestyles, Collaroy. Marcel Soares is a recognised Holistic Coach & Exercise Specialist. He has a wealth of experience, particularly with athletes recovering from injuries. I feel truly confident that my BEXI athletes will be extremely well cared for by Marcel and his team.

What next?

Our Summer term comes to an end this Friday (8 April), we will have a short break over the school holidays and then reconvene on Tues 26 April for our Autumn term. In the meantime, our Race-FIT and Tri-FIT athletes will continue training for their upcoming races. On Sunday we will be cheering our BEXI runners taking on the Canberra Half-Marathon — go team!

On signing off, I want to say a heartfelt thanks for all your support over the past 5yrs. I’m feeling energised and excited about the upcoming new term and look forward to supporting you little by little, until a little becomes A LOT!

~ Debbie Solms ✘
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