New York, New York!

A few weeks ago one of our BEXI Runners, Michelle Savage and hubby Matt, headed to the ‘concrete jungle where dreams are made of’…. and achieved a dream-come-true.  Michelle shares her experience below:

One year ago my husband Matt asked me if I would run the New York Marathon with him. I said “what the hell are you thinking?” Then the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to give it a go (well really I just wanted a trip to NY). So we entered the race in early 2015 and had 8 months to train for it.

I should also mention, at the same time of registering, we started renovations to our house, moved 3 times and changed our kids school! What were we thinking?!

Once in our new house, I stumbled across Beauty of Exercise. Once I told Debbie what my goal was, I was soon armed with a training program and surrounded by the most supportive people I have ever met. I have never experienced this before – it was absolutely amazing! 8 months later, we were on a plane to New York.

Race day arrives, I am calm and ready to do this marathon-thing. We arrived at the start at 7am, however our wave was only due to head off at 11am. I spent the time watching people from all over the world (good thing I love people-watching). Running attracts a great sense of camaraderie!

11am, time to throw the jumpers off and we are off. The first 21km were breezy and comfortable. Locals cheering us on, bands playing loud music, people dancing, police and security on every corner. I hit the 25-30 km mark and started to feel the fatigue. Dizzy, sore, tired, weak – so I started to walk/run and stop at every drink station. Matt stayed with me the whole time – he kept saying we are doing this together till the end! That kept me going.

We reached Central Park with 3-4km to go. This felt like an eternity! Jogging and walking quite strangely – until I see the finish-line. With one last final surge, I pick up the pace and head across the finish line – 6hr 5min.

We did it! It was over… and hard to understand what we just did. It wasn’t until the next morning that the reality set in.

The atmosphere in NY the day after was so special – people having breakfast in café’s, wearing their medals, limping, smiling, laughing. A truly amazing sense of camaraderie!

I never thought of ever running a marathon, but now I can look back and cherish the experience!  Thank you to all my BEXI buddies for making me feel special and supporting my journey. I hope some of you get go to New York and share in this experience — it is worth every penny. Thank you so much!

Michelle Savage
Marathon Runner

There’s nothing you can’t do
Now you’re in New York…

Congratulations Michelle and Matt – an absolutely awesome experience! You will always cherish that first marathon.

Debbie Solms
Run Coach | Personal Trainer