My top 5’s of becoming 50

I came across a video clip earlier this week which got me thinking about age.  I’m close to 50 – which is a pretty big deal. Or is it?!  For me, it’s just another year wiser. Of course there are many things to celebrate by reaching a half-century – but there are also many more things to look forward to in the second half of our lives. I felt inspired to share with you my positives and not-so-positives of approaching 50:

  • I feel more confident about life in general
  • I have learnt many value lessons in life (let’s say, there’s been many storms endured)
  • I am a better athlete than when I was in my 30’s – my mind is much stronger
  • I am able to reinvent myself by learning new things – there’s so much to learn in life
  • I am inspired and motivated to chase new dreams (#ComradesMarathon – it’s out there now!)
  • Sleeping late is a thing of the past  – try as I may!
  • 2 glasses of wine is my limit – that, or I suffer the worse hangover the next day
  • I have to work out doubly-hard to maintain the results that didn’t seem so hard to obtain in my 30s
  • Hot flushes, once reserved for secret crushes, are now a frequent occurrence – clearly I now have many secret crushes
  • Week night socials are limited to 9pm – or there’s a high risk of turning into a pumpkin!

On the whole, the positives definitely outweigh the not-so-positives.  So why am I sharing this with you? Well… I want you to know that getting older doesn’t mean that we need to slow down; it doesn’t mean that we must stop dreaming; and it certainly doesn’t mean that we should stop setting new goals.

It DOES mean that we should look forward to the second half of our lives – embrace every new opportunity. 

As soon as we feel too old to do a thing – we must do it! 


Good life