We all know that sport is 90% mental and the rest is physical. Why then do we spend most of our time focusing on the physical side of training, vs the mental?  Just like our bodies, our minds need to be trained.

The mind-body connection is a very powerful one – for everything we think in our minds, our bodies have a reaction.

We are absolutely thrilled to be working with Grant Giles and Christie Sym from SportSSupports – both experts focusing on the psychology and mental side of sports training.  As successful professional-level triathletes, Grant and Christie have experience in what it is like to overcome their own mental training challenges – which has led them on a path of intense study in the field of psychology.  Both are now leading endurance coaches for swimming, running and triathlon.

Join us for our 6-week online webinar, ‘Mental Training for Athletes’, where we will guide you through the live and interactive sessions. Engage in the webcasts via the chat facility – ask questions, make comments. You also have the option to remain anonymous. Each session is recorded for future viewing, so you will be able to go back and watch the sessions over and over.

Program outline

Our weekly 45-60min webcasts will cover the following topics:

  • Overcoming fears, self-doubt, anxiety and stress
  • Removing self-limiting beliefs
  • Building self-confidence, focus, motivation and energy
  • Enhancing enjoyment and zone experiences
  • Visualisation techniques to help succeeding in your goals
  • Sensing and grounding exercises to calm nerves and bring presence
Who is this suitable for?

This program is suitable for ALL levels of athletes – from beginners to elite-level:

  • If you struggle to get out the front door
  • If you have a mental block about a sporting discipline (running, swimming, cycling, etc.)
  • If you get anxious and panic about races
  • If you are trying to achieve a certain goal
  • If you want to reach the next level of success

The program is also perfectly time to coincide with the Blackmores Running Festival in Sept and the Callala Triathlon Festival in Dec 2016.

Session info

Log in from the comfort of your own home (warm & snug):

When: next program – Autumn 2017 (TBC)
Time: 8-9pm AEST
Cost: $150 pp *

* There is absolutely no financial gain to Beauty of Exercise – we are super-passionate about bringing this program to  you. 


“When the gaps opened up to the leaders I was able to close the gap by tuning into my body. I was able to react without panic. I was able to endure a lot more pain because I could let it be there without any mind resistance.”
Tim Berkel, Professional Triathlete, (1st place, Ironman Cairns 2016)

If you’re serious about making a difference to your sport (& life) – this program is for you!
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