Three Mental Strategies for Endurance Running

As a runner, our biggest asset (or sometimes our greatest enemy) is our brain. Physical training is important, but that alone is not enough to put wings on our feet. What we feel on and off the road has a huge influence over how we perform once we lace up.

Professor Tim Noakes MD (author of acclaimed Lore or Running – and a real guru in the running world!), recommends we train our brains to cope with ‘discomfort’. Interval sessions, hill repeats, tempo runs, endurance runs – exactly the type of training sessions that should be included in our training programs. What is a hard training session one week, becomes a manageable session the following week. Why? Our brains become conditioned to accept and manage the ‘discomfort’ – twinned with an improvement in our physical conditioning.

In the Runner’s World book ‘The Runner’s Brain’, Jeff Galloway (USA Olympic Runner) shares his three mental training methods that he has used for over 40yrs:

  1. Visualise the Race

    Rehearse the outcome over and over. Imagine what you will feel like at certain stages in the race. When you will have strategic nutrition breaks, when you will walk, etc. Visualise key milestones in the race (historic building, bridge, park), where your supporters will be waiting for you, the various terrain (hills), etc. Rehearse your race step-by-step.

  2. Use Magic Words (Mantras)

    Magic words distract you from the discomfort while connects you to your inner thoughts:

    • Relax – There is no pressure on me | I am relaxed | I am enjoying the endorphins | I feel comfortable
    • Power – I feel good about myself | I know what I’m doing | I can do this | I am going to nail this
    • Free – I feel light as a feather | I am floating through the crowds | I am running smoothly
  3. Use Dirty Tricks (Mind Games)

    These are quick fixes to get you from one point to the next. Imagine wrapping a giant invisible rubber band about the runner ahead of you, start cinching him/her in towards you so that you can feed off their momentum. Another trick is to create songs of the names on posters of those who are being supported – i.e. Angela | Pamela | Sandra | Rita… “Mambo No. 5” 😚

There is no right or wrong mental strategy. What works for one person, may not necessarily work for another. The key take-out is that we should identify which mental strategy(ies) work for us and then practice them over and over again.


If you train your mind for running, everything else will be easy — Amby Burfoot

Injury Recovery Program

Sports injury – we’ve all been there 😞

Training for a key event, everything is going to plan… and then bang! Our hammy explodes… or our knee flares up… or plantar fasciitis rears its nasty head.

“I’ve hurt my [body], but I want to keep training. What can I do?”

As exercise professionals and athletes, we understand the pains and frustrations involved in incurring an injury while training for a big event. Which is why we are motivated and driven to support our clients in reaching the start line. We understand the cause of the injury (following advice from a medical professional) and then build an individual recovery program to support your rehab.

What is our Injury Recovery Program?

Our Injury Recovery Program is a 6-week program focused on restoring strength, flexibility, balance, mobility, endurance and power – to get you to the start line. It is achieved through various strength & conditioning exercises and drills. We work closely with you to identify and understand the cause of your injury (following the diagnosis from your physiotherapist/medical professional) and then build an individualised recovery program to get you strong and fully recovered so that you can continue training for your event.

“The aim of a recovery program is to regain pre-injury levels in all aspects of physical fitness.”

Who is this suitable for?

All athletes who are currently struggling with an injury or who are coming back from an injury. It is important that you have been diagnosed by a medical professional.

How is the program structured?

Each week (during the course of the 6-week period) you will have access to the following training:

  • 1 x 30min one-on-one personal training session with Exercise Physiologist (Coach Marcel Soares)
  • 1 x 60min individual training session in gym (to use at your convenience)
  • 1 x 60min group strength training session lead by Exercise Physiologist (Coach Marcel Soares)
What is the investment?

The 6-week investment is $420 – which includes a total of 18 x training sessions. (Total can be split into instalments – 2 x $215)

  Invest in your body – sign-up today!

’10km Self-Love’ Holistic Program

Our ’10km Self-Love’ Holistic Program is exciting on every level. It includes all of our passions – meditation, yoga, running, strength, pampering, reading, relaxing, sunshine, beach and best of all… spending quality time with amazing like-minded individuals.

What is self-love?

Self-love is that feeling of unconditional love, gratitude, happiness and a regard for one’s well-being:

  • It’s taking care of ourselves so that we feel healthy and beautiful
  • It’s words of affirmation and positive self-talk
  • It’s treating ourselves to something that we’ve always wanted
  • It’s giving ourselves permission to do the things we enjoy
  • It’s surrounding ourselves with people who inspire and encourage us

The relationship with ourself sets the tone for every other relationship we have 

What is our ’10km Self-Love’ Holistic Program?

It’s a 10-week program where we practice well-being, happiness and gratitude. We surround ourselves with a community of like-minded people and then meet three times weekly to enjoy a nourishing yoga practice; balanced strength training and mindful running.  Our program culminates with our ‘Self-Love’ Retreat in the Gold Coast – which includes a weekend of feeling healthy, happy and nourished.

When are the sessions?

Our 10-week program starts on Sat 29 April 2017. You get to choose 3-weekly sessions that suit your availability:

Day Session Time Activity Location Coach
Monday 9:30 – 10:30 Balanced Strength Active Lifestyle, Collaroy Renata Malinauskas
Tuesday 06:00 – 07:00 Mindful Running Jamieson Park, Narrabeen Debbie Solms
18:30 – 19:30 Balanced Strength Active Lifestyle, Collaroy Renata Malinauskas
19:35 – 20:45 Nourishing Yoga Active Lifestyle, Collaroy Nicole Grace
Wednesday 09:30 – 10:30 Balanced Strength Active Lifestyle, Collaroy Renata Malinauskas
18:30 – 19:30 Balanced Strength Active Lifestyle, Collaroy Renata Malinauskas
Thursday 06:00 – 07:00 Mindful Running Long Reef, Collaroy Debbie Solms
09:30 – 10:45 Nourishing Yoga Active Lifestyle, Collaroy Nicole Grace
18:30 – 19:30 Balanced Strength Active Lifestyle, Collaroy Renata Malinauskas
Friday 06:00 – 07:00 Balanced Strength Active Lifestyle, Collaroy Regan Wilson
Saturday 08:00 – 09:00 Mindful Running Jamieson Park, Narrabeen Debbie Solms
08:00 – 09:00 Balanced Strength Active Lifestyle, Collaroy Regan Wilson
>> click here for additional Strength & Yoga options (from 15 May 2017)    
What is included?
  • Choice of 3 x weekly meet-ups
    • Nourishing yoga practice – to stretch our body and open our minds
    • Balanced strength training – to improve our mobility, flexibility, balance, strength and core
    • Mindful running – to slow our minds and improve our health
  • ‘Self-Love’ Retreat at the Gold Coast (30 Jun – 2 July 2017)
    • 10km fun run (it’s all about fun and participation – leave your watches behind)
    • Nourishing Yoga
    • Guided Meditation
    • Refreshing Herbal Teas
    • Swim, Sauna & Steam
    • Foot Salt Scrub
    • Relaxation (bring a good book!)
  • Weekend program logistics (full program on Fri 30 Jun – Sun 2 July 2017)
  • Motivational support
  • Access to private online forum
  • Membership of a supportive, like-minded community

I am mine, before I am ever anyone else’s 

What is excluded?
  • 10km race entry fee (Gold Coast 10km on Sat 1 July 2017)
  • Travel, accommodation* and meals – to/from Gold Coast
  • Additional pamper treatments (massage, manicure, pedicture, etc.)
  • Eating out – wholefood cafe’s (yummy!)
  • BEXI technical race singlet
What is Investment?

The 10-week investment is $450 (or instalments – 3 x $155/pm) — program starts on Sat 29 April 2017.

NB: It is recommended that you book your flights as soon as possible to secure a good price (currently $200 return, as of end-March).
*We are currently holding a few gorgeous apartments in Surfers Paradise.

Our Gold Coast Marathon | Half-Marathon programs will also culminate in our weekend retreat.

♥  Make happiness your priority – register today! 

Why we love Strength Training

At the start of the year we introduced our new Strength-FIT program. It has become such a hit with our athletes, that we have added an extra session to the timetable. So why do we love strength training?

Yes, strength training will add definition to our muscles and shape our toned bodies (we like that!), but working out with functional strength and/or weights does so much more.

Strengthening muscles and joints improves flexibility, balance, mobility, core and day-to-day functional strength.

Here are our top 5 reasons for adding strength training to our regular training routine:

  1. Strength training protects bone health and muscle mass. After puberty we begin to lose about 1 percent of our bone density and muscle strength every year. (I’m 50yrs this year and have noticed the reduction in my strength!)
  2. Strength training helps develop better body mechanics – flexibility, balance, movement, posture.
  3. Strength training plays a role in disease prevention – arthritis, post-menopausal women, Type 2 Diabetes.
  4. Strength training boosts energy levels and improves our mood.
  5. Strength training helps maintain weight loss – our bodies continue to burn calories after training
  6. [BONUS] Strength training with a brilliant coach (thanks Marcel) makes all the difference!

Next time a coach or a friend recommends our BEXI strength training to improve your running, cycling, swimming, or just your day-to-day functional strength, jump on board. It’s not all about lifting weights, it can be as simple as squats, lunges, push-ups and sit-ups. Ask any of our BEXI athletes, they’ll share the love.


Gold Coast Airport Marathon 1-2 July 2017

There is something very special about the Gold Coast Airport Marathon – the time of year (fabulous winter!), the course following the vast beaches, the awesome atmosphere, the support – and not to mention the field of international runners wearing funky dress-ups!

Endurance Programs

Race Distance Training Program Training Starts
Marathon 42.2km 16 weeks 11 March 2017
Half-Marathon 21.1km 12 weeks 08 April 2017
’10km-Self-Love’ Program 10-weeks 29 April 2017

Our programs are built around 3 x weekly coached training sessions focusing on speed, strength and endurance.  We train together as a team, as this offers encouragement, motivation, accountability for showing up and a great sense of camaraderie between fellow running buddies.  Training programs are prepared in periodised blocks and provided via Training Peaks. This allows us to provide individual plans that best suits your needs and goals, as well as giving us the feedback and analysis tools we need. Our aim is to progresses you gradually, so that you train safely and without injury.

NEW! In addition to our marathon and half-marathon programs, we are super-excited about launching our ’10km-Self-Love’ program:

’10km-Self-Love’ Program
Our 10km ‘Self-Love’ Program is all about fun and participation. It is about nourishing our body, minds and soul – to provide a sense of peace and calm in a busy world.  Our 10-week program includes 3 x weekly coached sessions – run, strength & yoga. We train together as a supportive team, with the goal of having fun while nourishing ourselves. Race weekend will include guided meditation, nourishing yoga practices and of course our 10km ‘fun’ run.  Our program starts on Sat 29 April 2017.
What is included?
  • Periodised training plan based on your race distance
  • 3 x weekly face-to-face coached group session – speed, strength & endurance training (‘10km self-love’ program different)
  • Analysis and feedback on training data
  • Goal setting
  • Mental skills and strategies
  • Race nutrition and recovery
  • Race tactics and guidance
  • Weekend program logistics (full program on Sat 1 & Sun 2 July 2017)
    • Participation in the ‘Self-Love’ Retreat
    • Restorative Yoga
    • Guided Meditation
    • Refreshing Herbal Teas
    • Swim, Sauna & Steam
    • Foot Salt Scrub
    • Relaxation (bring a good book!)
    • Special BEXI ‘Self-Love’ Essential Oil Blend ❤️
  • Motivational support
  • Access to private online forum
  • Membership of a supportive, like-minded community
  • FREE BEXI cotton singlet
What is excluded?
  • Race entry fee
  • Travel, accommodation and meals
  • BEXI technical race singlet
OPTIONAL EXTRA!  Strength-FIT Program
Advance your training with our new weekly Strength-FIT program. Focused 100% on strengthening muscles and joints, our goal is to improve your performance and decrease injury risk. We target flexibility, balance, mobility, core and functional strength. Our 10-week program includes regular biomechanical check-ups to assess your body alignment; range of motion and functional muscle strength.  Highly recommend this program to complement your training. $150 for 10-week program – in conjuction with Race-FIT program (or $200 as standalone program).


What is Investment?
Program Investment + Extra Strength-FIT $150
42km Race-FIT $420 (3 x $145 /pm) $570 (4 x $145 p/m)
21km Race-FIT $360 (3 x $125 /pm) $510 (3 x $175 p/m)
10km ‘Self-Love’ Program $450 (3 x $155 /pm) Inclusive

Both our Marathon & Half-Marathon programs will be included in the ‘Self-Love’ Weekend Retreat.

♥ Join us for a weekend of fun & participation in the Gold Coast – register today! 


SMH Half-Marathon – Sun 21 May 2017

The SMH Half-Marathon  is Australia’s largest and most prestigious half-marathon events. With over 12,000 participants, the route takes on 21.1km around Sydney’s most iconic sights.


Our 12-week training program starts on Sat 25 February 2017 and progressively builds up, so that you are able to cover the course comfortably.

Our programs are based on the 80/20 Rule – 80 percent at low intensity and 20 percent at moderate/high intensity. By training slower we aim to run stronger and race faster.  All programs are built around 3 x coached sessions.

Each member has an online program, which is prepared in blocks and provided via Training Peaks. This allows us to provide individualised plans that best suits your needs and goals, as well as giving us the feedback and analysis tools we need. You will be able to log your workouts and analyse your performance data as you complete each session. Our aim is to progresses you gradually, so that you train safely and without injury.

Looking for motivation to get you started –  read our blog A BIG YES! 

What is included?
  • 12-week periodised training plan based on your race distanc
  • 3 x face-to-face coached group session – long run, interval run and tempo run
  • Analysis and feedback on training data
  • Goal setting
  • Mental skills and strategies
  • Race nutrition and recovery
  • Race tactics and guidance
  • Race weekend logistics
  • Motivational support
  • Access to private online forum
  • Membership of a supportive, like-minded Community
  • FREE BEXI cotton singlet
What is excluded?
  • Race entry fee
  • Travel, accommodation and meals
  • BEXI technical race singlet
What is cost?

$360 for 12-week program

Total can be split into monthly installments – (3 x $125/pm)

 Join our BEXI Team and train for Australia’s largest half-marathon

Diamond Women’s Active Triathlon Festival – Sat 13 May 2017

We’re all about encouraging fun and participation in the sport of triathlon. Join our BEXI team where the atmosphere is a celebration of taking on a personal challenge, focusing on participation not competition!

Training Philosophy

Our 12-week training plans are built around six key features:

Balance – equal number of workouts in all three disciplines so that you get stronger in each discipline and weaker in none
Variation – diversity of workout types, which will enable you to get fitter faster by challenging your body in a variety of different ways
Three Phases – base phase (moderate intensity); build phase (high-intensity) and peak phase (race-specific)
Step Cycles – four week blocks in which each week is incrementally more challenging – every fourth week is a recovery week
Rest Day – incorporates one scheduled rest day per week
Simulation Race –  provides valuable experience in areas of transition, race nutrition and dealing with race discomfort
Training Program

Our programs are provided via Training Peaks – this allows us to provide individual plans that are built around your lifestyle. You will be able to log your workouts and analyse your performance data as you complete each session. We can then analyse your training data and progress your training accordingly. Our aim is to progress you gradually, so that you train safely and without injury.

Training sessions will consist of 3 x coached group sessions per week* and 3 x individual training sessions:


Dee Why




Dee Why


Dee Why


Terry Hills


Bike Turbo*
(Mon or Weds)
Run* Rest Day Swim* Own Run Own Bike  Own Swim
 Rest Day Bike Turbo*
(Mon or Weds)
Bike Outdoor*
(4 x coached sessions during the 12-week program)

“I loved the team spirit – training and competing together! I now have the bug to do better and take on further distances.”  Michelle Nicholas 

What is included?
  • 12-week training program delivered on Training Peaks
  • 3 x face-to-face coached group sessions per week, across the 12-weeks (swim, bike and run)
  • 4 x outdoor bike/brick/simulation sessions – to develop bike skills and confidence on the road
  • Analysis and feedback on training data
  • Mental skills and strategies
  • Race nutrition and recovery
  • Race tactics and guidance
  • Race weekend logistics
  • Motivational support
  • Access to private online forum
  • Membership of a supportive, like-minded Community
What is excluded?
  • Race entry fee
  • BEXI Tri-Suit (optional) – orders must be placed by 18 Feb 2017
What equipment do I require | all your FAQs?

Click here for the list of detailed requirements and FAQs

What is cost?
  • 12-week program, includes 40 x coached sessions – only $520 
  • Total cost can be split into monthly instalments (3 x $178/pm)

“If someone told me that I would compete in a triathlon, I would have said they were dreaming.  Achieving the impossible is totally possible by believing and doing it.”  Monique Manse

Join our BEXI Team and take on an amazing challenge in 2017!

8-Week Nutrition Program

We are thrilled to be partnering again with Renata Malinauskas, qualified Dietitian and Personal Trainer at Renata Fitness and Nutrition, for her latest (& revised) 8-week nutrition program that kicks off on 13 February 2017.

This is a great way to commit to changing your lifestyle and re-establish your health and wellbeing goals for the year ahead.

What do you get?

A personalised nutrition assessment that will include the following:

  • One hour consultation – Renata will discuss your current state of health, medical history, lifestyle habits, daily routine and health goals
  • Body composition analysis (optional) – includes body fat analysis, muscle mass analysis and circumferences
  • Personalised nutrition plan – aligned with your goals and lifestyle routine
  • One reassessment – after 4 weeks (via Skype) and one final face-to-face assessment.

Renata will design your individual customised nutrition plan based on your goals, activity level and body type. You will get a good understanding on how the macro-nutrients work in the body as well as the importance of the hormones in your metabolism and develop the right nutrition plan for long-term weight loss and healthy body.

Plus more…!

  • 8-week meal plan (incl. vegetarian option) – with easy, simple and delicious low carb nutritious recipes
  • Over 100 recipes – main meals and snacks
  • Meals delivered to your door at a special price (optional)
  • Weekly videos and posts on different topics to support your progress
  • Online forum to exchange information and ideas with other participants

Benefits of the Program

  • Boost your energy levels
  • Lose weight
  • Improve your digestion
  • Balance your mood and stress levels
  • Sleep better
  • Change your lifestyle for good

It’s a lifestyle, not a crash diet. We cover a range of wellness topics, focusing on long-term changes. Rewire your habits to make healthy eating and living enjoyable forever.

Gut Health

Your gut is not just your belly or your waist line – it’s the gateway to the health of your brain and immune system. Gut health is the primary focus on this program – you will learn and understand all about the importance of a healthy gut.


One of the most fundamental building block of nutritional metabolism is neither vitamin, mineral, nor molecule. It’s the sum total of our innermost thoughts and feelings about what we eat.  Working on strategies to remain positive and away of self-judgement will also bring incredible results!

Meal Plans

These comprise simple, nutrient-dense and delicious meals, with minimal preparation and kitchen time. They are all:

  • Whole food based
  • Gluten free
  • Sugar free
  • Free from poor quality fats
  • Free from poor quality dairy

Why you should participate?

  • We truly believe that the 8-week nutrition program is a great opportunity to change your lifestyle and re-establish your health and wellbeing goals.
  • Motivation is also one of the key factors of the program. Knowing that there are more people involved and that you’ll be able to connect with Renata and others and any time makes you feel supported and motivated throughout the program.



Contact Renata to book your initial assessment ahead of the start of the program – Renata Fitness & Nutrition or call 0450 951 398.

Programs to support your goals

Schools go back next week, which is a perfect reason to jump-for-joy.

Our daily routines are out of sync and we’re all desperate for some kind of normality to resume.

To help get things back on track and to support you in planning your goals for 2017, we’ve summarised our training programs on offer.  Each program is built on the foundation of our motto:

BEGIN WHERE YOU ARE. Use what you have. Do what you can. 

A gentle and supportive learn-to-run program – starts from a low fitness base and builds you up to running 5km.

Progressing from our learn-to-run program, our 5km-FITTER program builds on your speed, strength and endurance.

For those running 4-5km regularly, our Run-FIT program focuses on building muscular strength, speed and mindset.

If you’ve ever wanted to train for a half-marathon | marathon | ultra-marathon – we have an exciting 2017 race calendar.

Stepping up from single discipline to multi-discipline triathlete – we have triathlon programs for beginner and improver levels.

A gentle and supportive swim program aimed at beginners who are looking to build  confidence and technique in the open water.

Customised online training programs to support you train for a personal goal – from 10km | marathons | triathlons.

Look forward to supporting your health & fitness goals in 2017.

~ Debbie & the Beauty of Exercise Team x

The Two Mindsets

Earlier in the week I shared a very poignant quote with our BEXI members:

No one is wise by birth, for wisdom is the result of one’s efforts

Later that day one of our members backed this up with fascinating research by Dr Carol Dweck, Ph.D, Psychologist Stanford University. After studying the behavior of thousands of children, Dr. Dweck coined the terms fixed mindset and growth mindset to describe the underlying beliefs people have about learning and intelligence.

Mindsets are beliefs about ourselves and our most basic qualities, like intelligence, personality or talent. Mindsets are ways of thinking about the world and about our impact on that world through what we believe we can do and can’t do.

Source – Mindset Works














I started writing this blog about my first marathon in 1999.  About how life-changing it truly was and how everyone should experience something like that. As I was writing, it soon became apparent that my life-changing experience was all about my mindset. I was looking for fulfilment, achievement, recognition, success. I was determined to prove to myself that I could achieve my goal and succeed.  This experience taught me so much – about embracing life, challenging yourself, learning from mistakes, being inspired by those who have achieved and above all – being humble.

As life evolves, so should we!  Embrace the unknown and let your life surprise you.