Exciting news to share!

Warmest new year wishes to you all.  2018 has arrived, is looking good and about to gain a lot more momentum!

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to boost our service offerings for our Beauty of Exercise (BEXI) community. There’s been lots of meetings, phone calls and emails – to ensure we offer you some pretty damn special programs as we launch into 2018. Read all about it…

New!  Passionate Run Coach
We’re very excited and pleased to announce that the gorgeous Andrea Drury has agreed to join our BEXI coaching team as one of our Run Coaches. Andrea will lead our Thursday morning hill interval training, which extends across all our programs. Andrea is a huge bundle of energy, passion and enthusiasm – the perfect BEXI fit! Read more about Andrea

New!  Admired Strength & Conditioning Coach
A familiar face within our BEXI coaching community . Our current BEXI Triathlon Coach and recent Ironman 2017 All World Athlete Winner, Phoebe Fear, has kindly agreed to take on the role of our BEXI Strength & Conditioning Coach. Phoebe Fear has already earned huge respect within our BEXI triathlete community, so we are thrilled to have her lead our outdoor Strength-FIT program…

New!  Exclusive Yoga Sign-up Offer
We will be renting space from the amazing Yōgished overlooking Collaroy Beach. This yoga studio has recently been revamped and now offers an exclusive yoga studio (no longer fitness gym). The studio is also kitted with lots of new yoga props – mats, bolsters and blankets. To welcome the new year, yogini Nicole Grace is offering an exclusive yoga eye-pillow to all those who sign up to Yoga-FIT by 31 Jan 2018. Read more

New!  Build your Confidence in the Open Water
By demand, we are offering an introduction swim program to encourage wannabe triathletes prepare for their first open water triathlon. Our ‘Build your Confidence in the Open Water’ swim program will consist of 2 x 1hr open water technique sessions, coached by our talented Swim Coach, Emma Trask Ward. These sessions will  get you swim-ready ahead of our Tri-FIT program.  Read more….

Special Offer!  Whopping 30% Discount 
We appreciate your custom and as such would like to offer our loyal members a discount for signing up to 2 or more programs. Sign-up for a second program and qualify for 20% discount on that program; or sign-up for a third program and qualify for a whopping 30% discount on that program.  Read more…

Coming Soon!  New BEXI Merchandise
Our BEXI members are getting creative in the background to create a 2018 range of BEXI merchandise. This will include active wear, run/cycle/tri gear, swimwear and accessories. Stay tuned as things start to take shape.

Wow, there’s a lot happening in our BEXI camp. We hope the above exciting announcements entice you to join us in 2018 as we ‘build on the small to achieve the great’.

~ Debbie & Team BEXI  x

Long Course Weekend Jervis Bay – 27-29 Oct 2017

We’re mixing it up at the inaugural Long Course Weekend in Jervis Bay!  You choose the disciplines and the distances over 3 days – Friday swim, Saturday cycle and Sunday run. A great way for friends to train and race together.

The weekend kicks off with the swim on Friday – choose from distances corresponding to triathlons most popular distance – 750m, 1.5km, 1.9km or 3.8km.

On Saturday the focus is the bike ride of undulating countryside – ranging from 20km, 40km, 90km or 180km. Distances to attract athletes of all abilities.

To finish the weekend on Sunday, take on the run following the beautiful coastline of Jervis Bay and Husikisson – 5km, 10km 21.1km or 42.2km. Allowing everyone to be involved.

Training Program

Our 12-week training program offers you a selection of swimming, running and cycling sessions. You will receive a 12-week online program which will include 6 x weekly training sessions. There will be 3 x coached group sessions* and 3 x individual training sessions.

Our coaches are qualified across the sport of triathlon, running, cycling and swimming. Each coach has unique experience in competing in triathlons (across various distances), as well as taking part in the ITU Age-Group World Championships.

(*varies across the weeks)

Weekly Training Timetable (Mon to Sun)

(best viewed on desktop/laptop)

Individual Training 6:00-7:00am,
Individual Training Individual Training 7:00-9:00am,
Terry Hills
Shelly Beach
Strength Training* Run
Bike Turbo
Swim Squad Run Bike Outdoor
Open Water
Strength training focusing on strengthening muscles and joints, to help improve performance and decrease injury risk.
(*Additional cost.)
12 x coached run session focusing on speed & strength. 12 x coached indoor bike turbo session focusing on speed, strength & stamina. Will also include some brick sessions later in the program. Individual swim session with your local swim squad. Individual run session focusing on distance & endurance. Alternating coached & social sessions:

6 x coached outdoor bike sessions focusing on skills, confidence &  endurance

6 x social rides focusing on disance & endurance.

Mixture of coached & social sessions:

4 x coached open water swim session focusing on skills, confidence & endurance.

8 x social swims focusing on disance & endurance.

(tentative timetable)

What is included?
  • 12-week online training program
  • 12 x coached indoor bike turbo sessions (studio)
  • 12 x coached outdoor run sessions
  • 6 x outdoor bike sessions
  • 5 x open water swim sessions
  • Mental skills and strategies
  • Race nutrition and recovery
  • Race tactics and guidance
  • Analysis and feedback on training data
  • Race weekend logistics
  • Motivational support
  • Access to private online forum
  • Membership of a supportive, like-minded Community

Meet our awesome coaches

What is excluded?
  • Pool swim squad training – you are encouraged to join your own local swim squad
  • Social outdoor swim sessions – you are encouraged to join Shelly Swim Club
  • Social bike rides – you are encouraged to join Northern Suburbs Triathlon Club (NSTC) on Sat 6.30am
  • Race entry fee
  • BEXI Tri-Suit (optional) – orders must be placed by Mon 14 Aug 2017

What gear do I need?

What is cost?
  • 12-week online program
  • 35 x coached sessions
  • $46 p/week across 12-weeks – payable in 3 x $185 monthly instalments (total $555)

Join us for a weekend of fun and mixing it up! 

It takes just 8-Steps

Manifesting what we want in life is not as daunting as we think. We often fill our minds with negative talk which convinces us that our dream is not possible. At the same time, when we fill ourselves with positive talk, positive things happen.

All it takes is just 8 steps:

  • Set a goal – without a goal we have no direction. With no direction we’ll go nowhere. Be clear of what we want – write it down and remind ourselves daily of what we want.
  • Gratitude – feel grateful for what we have now. Our health, our family, our friends, where we live. We will realise we are already blessed and this will drive us to want to achieve.
  • Believe – once we are clear about what we want and believe that we can achieve our goal, the universe will conspire to make it happen.
  • Visualise – image that we have already achieved our dream. Focus on how good it feels to cross the finish line –  to become a 5km runner, a marathoner, a triathlete. This will bring our dream closer to us.
  • Affirm it – affirm our intentions daily, as if the event has already happened. This will bring our dream even more closer to us.
  • Stay positive – we attract what we put out there, so look for the positive in everything. Positive thinking attracts positive energy. Positive energy attracts positive people.
  • Take action – once our intention is clear, we will receive inspiration from those around us. Feed off the inspiration and we will blossom.
  • Meditate – a daily meditation practice will connect us with ourselves on a deeper level, as well as with the universe. This is when the magic happens!

By incorporating the above steps into our thinking, we will start to see the magic happening in our life. Give it a try!

Positive thinking evokes more energy, more initiative and more happiness!

Upcoming dates to diarise:
– 08 Jul Blackmores 10km Bridge Run – 10-wk training program
– 17 Jul Term 3, 2017 – commences
– 05 Aug NEW! Tri-FIT Long  Course Weekend – 12-wk training program (coming soon)
– 05 Aug NEW! Ironman Western Sydney 70.3 – 16-wk training program (coming soon)
– 25 Aug NEW! Delicious Daily Dinners – 3hr Cooking Workshop (coming soon)

To achieve or not?

I love reading biographies of successful people. How they start with humble beginnings and then go on to achieve great success.

Take Chris Froome for example – winner of the recent Tour de France. Born in humble Kenya, spending his youth riding through townships, past wild animals, until winning his first race that his mum entered him. His book, ‘The Climb’, is an exceptional read and highly recommended!

The key point I want to make is that we all start from modest beginnings. We then discover a passion and go on to pursue our passion.

In the case of Chris Froome, he had a burning hunger to pursue his passion for cycling. He trained incredibly hard physically – but what propelled him to the next level was his mental strength.

Understanding how to stay focused, overcoming our fears, managing our anxieties, removing our self-limiting beliefs, developing our self-confidence, maintaining our self-motivation, the list goes on….

Beauty of Exercise is very passionate about supporting you in pursuing your passion and achieving your own success. Over the past 5-years we have focused purely on the physical-side of training our athletes. We have dabbled in the mental-side of training, but have not really hit the mark.

Which is why we are super-excited about teaming up with SportsSupports to deliver our ‘Mental Preparation for Athletes’ program. Grant Giles and Christie Sym have successfully coached a number of athletes over the years, many of whom have gone on to achieve great feats (& podiums).

Grant and Christie will be hosting our 6-week online webinar program, starting Thurs 11 August at 8pm.  If you’re wanting to address your fears and progress your passion to the next level, this webinar is a must!

More information and to register. 


Blackmores Sydney Running Festival

One of the world’s most spectacular running festivals on the race calendar – Sun 20 September 2015. Taking in historic landmarks including the Harbour Bridge, Opera House, Mrs Macquarie’s Chair and the Royal Botanic Gardens… ranking it highly on the race calendar.

The Gold-Label Blackmores Sydney Running Festival is one of our favourites… and best of all, it’s on our doorstep!

If you’re looking to run a marathon, half-marathon or join the family for the 9km Bridge Run – we’ve got a training program for you. We make it fun, inclusive, progressive and achievable. Our main goal is to support you in getting to the start line feeling fit, strong, prepared, injury-free… and then over the finish line having achieved your goal.


What training programs are available?

  • Marathon (42km) – 15 week program, starts Sat 6 June
  • Half-Marathon (21km) – 12 week program, starts Sat 27 June
  • Bridge Run (9km) – 8 week program, starts Sat 25 July
What is included in the training?

  • Weekly training sessions
    • Marathon/Half Marathon – Tues intervals | Sat long runs
    • Bridge Run (family) – Sat intervals
  • Structured training focusing on strength, speed and endurance
  • Strong emphasis on technique and proper running form
  • Important guidance on mental skills, pacing, injury prevention, recovery, race prep
  • Valuable tips on nutrition and hydration
  • Ongoing motivational support
What is the training cost?

  • Marathon – Unlimited Pass + $60 top-up (Race-FIT 42km)
  • Half-Marathon – Unlimited Pass + $30 top-up (Race-FIT 21km)
  • Bridge Run – $200 family (2 adults and 2 siblings) | $140 individuals

Full package information

How do I register?

Register directly online – select Program → Standard Package ($) → and/or Seasonal Offer ($).

You will also need to register separately for the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival – early bird expires 31 July 2015.

Together we can! Join our awesome running team today! 

Pub2Pub Fun Run & Festival

Our favourite community fun run is on again – Sun 23 August 2015! This year it is bigger and better. Finishing at the Newport Surf Club, with a real festival atmosphere. Yay!

Training for the 14.5km event starts on Sat 27 June. Our 8-week training program targets the entire family – mum, dad & siblings (10yr+). It is fun, energy-packed and progresses gradually – you’ll be having so much fun, you won’t even know you’re training!

What is included in the training?

  • Weekly family training sessions on Saturdays, 2-3pm
  • Fun training sessions targeting the whole family (Dad’s too!)
  • Strong emphasis on correct technique and good running form
  • Guidance on pacing, injury prevention, recovery, race prep and mental skills
  • Valuable tips on nutrition, race gear… and having fun 🙂
  • Ongoing motivational support and BEXI inspiration
What is the training cost?

The cost of the 8-week family training program is $200 – this INCLUDES a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 siblings).
Individuals can join at $140.

How do I register?

Register directly online, select PROGRAM and SEASONAL OFFER ($).
You will also need to register separately for the Pub2Pub Fun Run – early bird expires 5 July.

It’s the little memories that will last a lifetime – commit now!



Are you ready to start Working-IN?

Introducing a motivational fitness and nutrition program to nourish your body, mind and soul.

We are thrilled to be able to offer our community an awesome breakthrough program for our upcoming 10-week Autumn term (starting 20 April 2015).

Our Working-IN program provides a compliment to the constant ‘working-out’ in our daily lives. It’s all about nurturing our bodies by how we eat; our minds by how we think; and our souls by how we feel – with the goal of creating a more balanced, energized and fulfilled life.

Working-IN has been developed by a collaboration of health and fitness professionals on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. We all are passionate about educating our communities on the benefits of healthy, active, mindful living. The current partners include Beauty of Exercise, The Wellbeing Studio and Active Lifestyles.

We aim to provide our members with valuable guidance and inspiration on healthy eating, plus access to new and fresh training options with other fitness professionals in our local community.

Here’s a sneak preview of our coaches talking about the program…

What will the Working-IN Program offer Beauty of Exercise members?

1. Expanded weekly training options
If you are on a Beauty of Exercise Unlimited Package you will now have access to ALL of our group training sessions PLUS the option to include:

  • a weekly yoga class with Alethea Sheehan @ The Wellbeing Studio in Collaroy
  • a weekly group body conditioning session with Marcel Soares @ Active Lifestyles in Collaroy
2. Regular nutritional inspiration
Unlimited Package members will also receive regular updates with an insight from each of our coaches on a particular nutritional topic. These insights include:

  • Videos of the health/fitness coaches exploring various aspects of nutrition
  • Visits to local produce markets and specialty food stores
  • How to plan meals the whole family will enjoy
  • Seasonal shopping tips and much more.

Our three experienced coaches will give you their own unique perspective on each topic. Stay tuned for a sneak peek at one of our weekly video insights from each coach.

3. Membership of  an inspiring community
As with all our programs, you will become part of a motivational community of like-minded members who will encourage and support you to achieve your goals.
4. Discounts with health and nutritional partners
We will also be offering Unlimited Package members discounts with suppliers and access to nutritional workshops and programs with our affiliated nutrition partners (more details to come).

How can you join our Working-IN program?

All you have to do is sign-up for our Unlimited Package ($290 for 1 term OR $490 for 2 terms). This will give you access to our full timetable of programs and classes with Beauty of Exercise, PLUS:

  • 1 weekly Yoga-FIT class @ The Wellbeing Studio
  • 1 weekly Spin-FIT, Cardio-FIT or Strength-FIT training session @ Active Lifestyles
  • Working-IN nutritional insights updates with videos, recipes and valuable insights from our coaches
  • Discounts with key community health/nutrition partners

Existing members already on Unlimited Packages for Term 2 will automatically be registered for the Working-IN program.

Over the coming weeks we will be launching the Working-IN website which will provide you with all the information you need about the program. In the meantime if you have any questions please email hello@working-in.com.au or call Debbie on 0400 455 151.


[* PLEASE NOTE: Race-FIT participants will be required to top-up their unlimited package for the Gold Coast 21km and 42km training programs.]


The Power of Setting Goals

Why are goals so powerful? Because they give us a purpose; they help propel us forward; they help us believe in ourselves; they hold us accountable; and they help us live life to the fullest.

Three months into 2015, we are proud of the progress our Beauty of Exercise members have been making:

  • Our Run-FIT team completed their 10km Sun Run event in February – huge kudos to Amanda Green for placing 3rd in her age-group;
  • Our BEXI Trekkers completed their 55km Coastrek event last week; 
  • Our committed Race-FIT team are in serious training-mode for the marathon and half-marathon events at the Australian Running Festival in April; 
  • Our inspirational beginner runners and walkers are four weeks away from achieving their first 5km parkrun; and
  • Our fabulous beginner swimmers are gaining confidence in the water as they prepare for their Pinkie Triathlon at end-March.

Goals drive success! So if you’re looking for success, we’ve got some awesome programs planned for the upcoming autumn term:

– Gold Coast Airport Marathon (& half-marathon/10km)
– RUN BETTER Workshop
– 5km-FIT
– Walk-FIT
– Swim-FIT

Put your feet up and read about the above in our latest newsletter – http://goo.gl/Louw8x

Anything is possible

When you were a kid everything was possible. When you became an adult, you started to fear failure. Our new summer term is all about focussing on being a kid again – dream big dreams, set new goals and believe that anything is possible.

The Beauty of Exercise Term 1, 2015 started on Tues 27 Jan with women’s fitness programs at various locations on the Northern Beaches. We’ve planned an exciting new timetable that will inspire you to dream big. Together with our awesome community of coaches and members, we’ll be there to encourage you, challenge you, believe in you, support you and do whatever it takes to help you succeed.

To view our latest newsletter please click here.