Fab Friday Flat-run at Church Point

If you’re looking for a gorgeous, flat run (maybe one small hill!) then definitely consider Church Point. This morning our Friday Run Club met at Coffee Brothers in Mona Vale then ran to Churchy and back. Super-gorgeous route. 

If you’re looking for good coffee, then @Coffee Brothers is it! 
If you’re looking for a fab running group on the northern beaches, then we’re it…

What’s your 2015 goal?

2015 RACE CALENDAR – if you have a goal to run a 10km, half-marathon, or full-marathon this year and are looking for a community of supportive, inspirational, motivational, passionate and energetic friends – then look no further.

Our 2015 race calendar is based on an awesome selection of targeted, flagship races that will challenge and excite you. Our first race is the Australian Running Festival in Canberra in April. Training commences as follows:
– 42km: Sat 06 Dec (in progress)
– 21km: Sat 17 Jan
– 10km: Tue 27 Jan

Achieve your 2015 goal – surround yourself with people who believe ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

Get fit and have fun with circuit training by the beach

Introducing 20/20-FIT, a brand new class for Beauty of Exercise in 2015. This 45 minute workout blends cardio with core and resistance exercises. It is a complete workout and is great training for upper body, lower body and core strength. Sessions are circuit-style and will keep you on your toes. Our coaches will provide multiple options for each exercise to cater for varying levels of fitness and flexibility. You can ramp it up or scale it back to suit you.  No two classes are ever the same in one week. This keeps each session fresh and dynamic!

Suitable for any women on the Northern Beaches wanting to add a fun, dynamic circuit class to their fitness program to improve health, tone and strength.