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Gold Coast Airport Marathon 1-2 July 2017

There is something very special about the Gold Coast Airport Marathon – the time of year (fabulous winter!), the course following the vast beaches, the awesome atmosphere, the support – and not to mention the field of international runners wearing funky dress-ups! Endurance Programs Race Distance Training Program Training Starts Marathon 42.2km 16 weeks 11 […]

SMH Half-Marathon – Sun 21 May 2017

The SMH Half-Marathon  is Australia’s largest and most prestigious half-marathon events. With over 12,000 participants, the route takes on 21.1km around Sydney’s most iconic sights. Training Our 12-week training program starts on Sat 25 February 2017 and progressively builds up, so that you are able to cover the course comfortably. Our programs are based on the […]

Diamond Women’s Active Triathlon Festival – Sat 13 May 2017

We’re all about encouraging fun and participation in the sport of triathlon. Join our BEXI team where the atmosphere is a celebration of taking on a personal challenge, focusing on participation not competition! Training Philosophy Our 12-week training plans are built around six key features: Balance – equal number of workouts in all three disciplines so that you get […]

8-Week Nutrition Program

We are thrilled to be partnering again with Renata Malinauskas, qualified Dietitian and Personal Trainer at Renata Fitness and Nutrition, for her latest (& revised) 8-week nutrition program that kicks off on 13 February 2017. This is a great way to commit to changing your lifestyle and re-establish your health and wellbeing goals for the year ahead. What do you get? A personalised nutrition assessment […]

Programs to support your goals

Schools go back next week, which is a perfect reason to jump-for-joy. Our daily routines are out of sync and we’re all desperate for some kind of normality to resume. To help get things back on track and to support you in planning your goals for 2017, we’ve summarised our training programs on offer.  Each program […]

The Two Mindsets

Earlier in the week I shared a very poignant quote with our BEXI members: No one is wise by birth, for wisdom is the result of one’s efforts Later that day one of our members backed this up with fascinating research by Dr Carol Dweck, Ph.D, Psychologist Stanford University. After studying the behavior of thousands […]

Dream BIG!

When kids are asked what they want to be when they grow up, they might say, “I am going to fly a space ship to the moon”… or “I am going to be a mermaid and rescue dolphins”… or “I am going to be like Usain Bolt and win every gold medal”. They’re spontaneous and […]


Kick the year off with our FUN summer holiday workouts and support your buddies too! We will be running 2 x 40 min back-to-back beach workouts – one group trains, while the other group looks after the kids. And then you swap! You get your training done and your kids get entertained. Win/Win for everyone! Each workout […]

Ready for a Marathon?

I often get asked “Do you think I can run a marathon?” My answer – “if you can run a half-marathon, you can run a marathon!”  Trust me, this is not a case of me saying…”Rah, rah you can do it if you set your mind to it!” (Which of course is very true.) Marathons […]