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It takes just 8-Steps

Manifesting what we want in life is not as daunting as we think. We often fill our minds with negative talk which convinces us that our dream is not possible. At the same time, when we fill ourselves with positive talk, positive things happen. All it takes is just 8 steps: Set a goal – without a goal we have no […]

It takes all of you!

It inspired me, it overwhelmed me, it humbled me, it took all of me! The spirit of the Comrades Marathon. On Sunday 4th June 2017, I had the enormous privilege of standing on the start line of the Comrades Marathon 2017.  It was an absolute dream-come-true. As a kid growing up in South Africa, I was […]

Injury Recovery Program

Sports injury – we’ve all been there 😞 Training for a key event, everything is going to plan… and then bang! Our hammy explodes… or our knee flares up… or plantar fasciitis rears its nasty head. “I’ve hurt my [body], but I want to keep training. What can I do?” As exercise professionals and athletes, we […]

’10km Self-Love’ Holistic Program

Our ’10km Self-Love’ Holistic Program is exciting on every level. It includes all of our passions – meditation, yoga, running, strength, pampering, reading, relaxing, sunshine, beach and best of all… spending quality time with amazing like-minded individuals. What is self-love? Self-love is that feeling of unconditional love, gratitude, happiness and a regard for one’s well-being: It’s taking care […]

Why we love Strength Training

At the start of the year we introduced our new Strength-FIT program. It has become such a hit with our athletes, that we have added an extra session to the timetable. So why do we love strength training? Yes, strength training will add definition to our muscles and shape our toned bodies (we like that!), but working […]