Marketing and Events Manager

“I’m so happy to be giving back”

Liza has been a loyal and valued member of the Beauty of Exercise community for many years.

After overcoming her own weight and fitness challenges, Liza has taken part in many running festivals (completing several half-marathons), charity fun runs, multisport events and team triathlon events. She brings with her an unbridled energy, sense of fun and team spirit that is contagious!

With a background in marketing and events, Liza has now officially joined the Beauty of Exercise team as our Marketing and Events Manager. In between all her training, Liza is responsible for managing our marketing collateral and merchandise, administering our seasonal challenges, coordinating our annual race programs and adding heaps of value to our community.

Liza is a great asset to Beauty of Exercise and our wonderful community. We are thrilled to have her as part of our team!